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“Coding” isn't one magic thing, it's a thousand different choices. 365 people have told us how they code — add your voice to help us hit 500!

365 helper bees

“Learn to code” shouldn't be one-size-fits-all

Everyone wants something different out of “coding” — maybe you want to make robots, or build a blog, or catalog Walt Whitman poems.

Every one of those needs a different set of skills, and there's a good chance walking through a generic JavaScript tutorial won't get you there! (and it very well may bore you to death)

So who better to ask what to learn than everyone?

Soooo, what should a newbie learn?

It depends! Tumblr customizers might look for HTML and CSS, aspiring roboticists could check out Arduino, mapping aficionados might like TileMill. The list goes on and on!

We're asking people from all walks of life to explain how they code and share the tools they use, so maybe you can get a leg up on the Right Stuff.

Oh, and I don't want kernel hackers and musicians to get into fistfights, so just pretend "code" is in quotes all over the place.

Got a few minutes?

Whether it's Excel formulas or bit flipping, we'd love to hear how you code. and heck, most all of the questions are optional anyway

Who are you?

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Let's be honest, like 0.5% of people know what GitHub is

What do you do?

Make it up if you have to! Make board games on the weekend? You're a board game developer, I promise.

The nitty gritty

Where'd you come from?

Let's get personal

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